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Neurocoaching for Leaders

The methods of neurocoaching help bring calmness to hectic, daily business life, to recognise priorities and to activate and apply one’s personal energy in a focused and targeted way (Prevention of burnouts!).

What works in top competitive sports, is frequently applicable directly to business!

During my time as an competitive athlete, I successfully completed trainings and learned methods that helped me optimise my performance. This included neurocoaching. In contrast to other methods, this method is a holistic approach. Through neurocoaching, one's own resources are strengthened and the entire person is supported (both in body and mind).

The individual who wants to reach an ideal performance at a decisive moment (Flow), to concentrate on only one task and to reach his or her goals in a focused and efficient manner, is in the right place with neurocoaching.

With proven training methods, we work together progressively to meet your objectives. The whole body – and especially the brain – is effectively and actively involved, existing blockages are gradually identified and resolved.


About the training methods:

A modern training method to increase brain power -
it was developed by NASA to train astronauts

2Sensitivity Coaching
Aids accessibility to your own emotions, eliminating blockages

Method used to anchor future goals,
to mentally “run through” emotional and behavioural sequences


Team development 

I owe my success in sports on one side to hard trainings, but on the other side, also to the team, which has supported me throughout the years. We work together and optimise topics like:

  • From a team to a powerteam
  • Healthy language
  • Norms and values
  • Rituals
  • Outdoor training
  • Solutions for a healthy work-life-balance
  • Behaviour in stressful situations


  • A sustainable increase in effectiveness and efficiency in your organisation
  • Greater motivation and more commitment from your staff towards the company
  • Clear roles, responsibilities

These topics are based on my background and always linked with activity. 

Activity in your own mind, in your body and then in the team!



The Offers in Coaching are sub-divided in:

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Coaching Business

We would be happy to create an individual program for your Staff/Management

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"Tanja took us on an insightful and emotional roller coaster journey. She's among the best keynote speakers I've seen so far." Luis Hernandes, SMS Concast AG


"Tanja Frieden has really enriched our event! She explains the success factors spontaneously and entertainingly and creates a bridge between sport- and work-environment. The participants were really excited." Daniel Hofmann, Electrosuisse


"Sharing her own experience towards success achievement and preparation has been inspiring for the entire team. Tanja is enthusiastic and shows how to embrace challenges with enthusiasm." Michelle Lock, Vice President and General Management Switzerland and Austria Bristol Myers Squibb

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