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Mental training for Athletes

There are three main categories which lead sportspeople to top performance:

  • Technique
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental aspects

The sources of technical and physical-fitness are usually tapped into without question. The mental factors, however, are more often associated with problems, a lagging performance rather than as a source of power.

In my concept of peak performance, mental sources bridge the technical and physical-fitness factors and help individuals elevate their own potential to a higher level.

Pure mental training is possible, yet I combine this with jointly set objectives with Environment Coaching and Neurocoaching. These proven methods help the athlete to focus on athletic goals and remove obstacles. And also, to work through any past negative experiences (e.g., defeats, injuries, etc.), winning back the necessary self-confidence and returning to a long-term positive mental attitude.


1Healthy language
(controlled thinking)

2Removing blockages
(Logosynthesis, EFT)


4Relaxation/Breathing techniques

5Posture, expression

6Achieving an optimum state of performance (Flow)

Neurocoaching for Athletes

During my time as a competitive athlete, I completed a number of trainings and learned many methods that now help me to optimise my performance. In 2004, I came upon neurocoaching. I have stayed with this “Product” for optimal performance, because unlike other methods, it considers a holistic approach to optimise personal resources, of whatever type, and as a consequence, supports the strengthening of personality to its fullest.

Anyone who wants to reach an ideal state of performance, to fully focus on one task, and to efficiently achieve a goal is in the right place with neurocoaching.

Using proven training methods, we work together in a step-by-step approach to reach your goals. The whole body, and especially the brain, is effectively and actively involved, existing blockages or disturbances are identified and broken down. Last but not least, personality  development is central to the entire process.


About the training methods:

A modern training method to increase brain power -
it was developed by NASA to train astronauts

2Sensitivity Coaching
Aids accessibility to your own emotions,
eliminating blockages

A method used to anchor future goals,
to mentally “run through” emotional and behavioural sequences


Environment coaching for Athletes


  • Identification of and differentiation between resources and interference

  • Clarity in the question: what do I stand for? A clear personality profile assists during competition and in the time thereafter.

  • Structural help in sport and in „life“.

Who can benefit from environment coaching?

  • "Rising Stars“
  • Up and coming sportspeople
  • Those set on optimization


As a former top competitive athlete, I know exactly how strongly your entire surroundings influence your performance and the achievement of your goals. And how fast various factors contribute to derail your thoughts, leading you to lose sight and focus of your goals. Life offers many challenges and distractions, which often come unannounced and appear at the “wrong” moment.

With environment coaching, influences and disturbances are uncovered and identified. Your personal surroundings are tested for positive resources. These are then activated and integrated with respect to the goals set out – whether of an athletic or business nature.

Especially young athletes and often “rising stars” are overwhelmed with handling their education, trainings, the media, sponsors and social matters. All aspects should be optimised...

Keeping on top of things and having a clear structure is the key.

I grew up with a sport (snowboarding), which I followed – and also partly shaped - through it’s development from rebellion to the established mainstream. I went from being a "snow freak" to an internationally established Olympic champion.

In environment coaching I borrow from my experiences in my own general management and also image and media management - in short, from 18 years of business.

I don’t define myself as a manager, but rather a coach. I’m interested in software. I advise, warn against traps and help to give structure. Always with the goal of growing as an athlete and a personality and achieving self-improvement!

In short, it's about how to make yourself as attractive as possible within your external environment.





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Neurocoaching for Athletes

Neurocoaching is the Rolls-Royce of Mental training

The Offers for Coaching in Sports at a glance



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"Tanja took us on an insightful and emotional roller coaster journey. She's among the best keynote speakers I've seen so far." Luis Hernandes, SMS Concast AG


"Tanja Frieden has really enriched our event! She explains the success factors spontaneously and entertainingly and creates a bridge between sport- and work-environment. The participants were really excited." Daniel Hofmann, Electrosuisse


"Sharing her own experience towards success achievement and preparation has been inspiring for the entire team. Tanja is enthusiastic and shows how to embrace challenges with enthusiasm." Michelle Lock, Vice President and General Management Switzerland and Austria Bristol Myers Squibb

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